ねんどろいど – Yamada Aoi

Finally I bought Nendoroid Yamada Aoi. This is what I very want to buy Nendoroid. But the price is more expensive so I did not buy before. This Nendoroid very cute, there are three different faces, different accessories and hand appeared on the scene on the ceiling. I did not see this animate, so the characters who I does not know so much. Nendoroid Yamada who I feel like Akiyama Mio and Kuroneko, so I am deep impression on her. Three of the face is also very cute.



White love – Akiyama Mio

I actually have not written a blog for a long time, because the popularity of facebook and forum. This two media is too easy and very quickly to share my feeling and photos. So the olderest blog was not be updated frequently. After I learning to use wordpress, I began to write back to blog. I hope I will be keep going. I really like blogging, because it can record all my things. However, work, family or my own private affair, sometimes I haven’t much time to play or taking photo to my collections. But I still would have taken a few time to update my blog.



Nendoroid randam shoots


Nendoroid is a very interesting and funny series, most of the different parts can be shared, so it will make each character whoes will be a lot of surprises facial expressions. My first one is Nakano Azusa. She is really very interesting and lovely. Than, I have been deeply attracted to this series. Incompatible with the scenes and facial expressions. They can play a lot of creativity and they can make me more happy and relax, because this series of products is too cute.


My favorite animate character – Akiyama Mio

秋山澪 – 她是我的第一隻DD,這是一件很值得記念的事,當我把她帶回家後,好像所有的事情都發生了變化。因為我之前未有接觸過DD,而且DD又十分大,一開盒拿出來時實在有幾分感動。其實可以購入她也是一個意外來的,有一次在看玩具雜誌,發現推出了秋山澪以及平沢唯,我就很想購入她們了,我從沒有想過自己有機會接觸到DD的。

Akiyama Mio – she was my first DD. This is a very great thing to remember. when I brought her, it seems everything had changed. Because I had no contact with DD before. When I opened the box, I was a bit touched and it was very large. On one occasion, I saw a toys magazines and discovered Mio Akiyama will be on sales. I would like to Buy her and I never thought I have my first DD.


I really like K-ON. This is my first time strongly love the animate. The story interesting. Each character is also very cute. The theme is school life and about music those I really like it. I like the five members in けいおんぶ, especially Hirasawa Yui and Mio Akiyama. I will buy somethings about their product such as nendoroid, figma, PVC…etc

My English is not good enough. These photos took for Mio before, hope you will like it. ^_^




Mito Mashiro, she is my third DD. She was my very favorite DD. I often taking pictures of her and I often brought her to outdoor shooting. I really like her lovely face. I will also feel very happy when I see her lovely face. Although I began too busy, I also shoot some photos for her when I have time because she is always so lovely in the photo. ^_^


I like to put on casual and natural clothes for DD. I like casual style but gorgeous clothes I also like it. But gorgeous clothes are hard to find it. I do not know how to costume clothes, so sometimes those clothes feel a bit strange. When I had free time, I also look at fashion magazines to increase my understanding of the fashion but I does not seem to increase. >_<


These are some Mahsiro's photographs, I hope you will like it. ^_^



I am try my best to learn how to use wordpress. I created wordpress account about 2 years, but I still so lazy to learn because my English is very not good enough. Many friends told me change to wordpress, I will try my best to learn and setting.

I love dollfie dream, nendoroid, gundam…etc. Today, I post some nendoroid photos to yours. Hope you will like it. K-on is my favorites animate. If I saw their figures, I will very very happy. ^^