My favorite animate character – Akiyama Mio

秋山澪 – 她是我的第一隻DD,這是一件很值得記念的事,當我把她帶回家後,好像所有的事情都發生了變化。因為我之前未有接觸過DD,而且DD又十分大,一開盒拿出來時實在有幾分感動。其實可以購入她也是一個意外來的,有一次在看玩具雜誌,發現推出了秋山澪以及平沢唯,我就很想購入她們了,我從沒有想過自己有機會接觸到DD的。

Akiyama Mio – she was my first DD. This is a very great thing to remember. when I brought her, it seems everything had changed. Because I had no contact with DD before. When I opened the box, I was a bit touched and it was very large. On one occasion, I saw a toys magazines and discovered Mio Akiyama will be on sales. I would like to Buy her and I never thought I have my first DD.


I really like K-ON. This is my first time strongly love the animate. The story interesting. Each character is also very cute. The theme is school life and about music those I really like it. I like the five members in けいおんぶ, especially Hirasawa Yui and Mio Akiyama. I will buy somethings about their product such as nendoroid, figma, PVC…etc

My English is not good enough. These photos took for Mio before, hope you will like it. ^_^