White love – Akiyama Mio

I actually have not written a blog for a long time, because the popularity of facebook and forum. This two media is too easy and very quickly to share my feeling and photos. So the olderest blog was not be updated frequently. After I learning to use wordpress, I began to write back to blog. I hope I will be keep going. I really like blogging, because it can record all my things. However, work, family or my own private affair, sometimes I haven’t much time to play or taking photo to my collections. But I still would have taken a few time to update my blog.


Will Mio give you a little freshness this time? Is Mio wearing wedding dress more beautiful? Many people say that wearing the wedding dress are the world’s most beautiful women. I will not oppose, because the wedding dress surely has a great charm. The wedding pictures really do not fit at home, because my home is not too much space to take wedding photos. >_<


If I have the chance, I would like to buy a more beautiful wedding dress to my DDs. Taking wedding photographs will be more of a happy feeling. I hope you like it. ^_^




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