Kwun Tong Promendae


I am about more than six mouth no outdoor shooting to DD. I want to go at lunch time, but I had some private things to do, so I change to go at night. Taking photos at night is very tricky and I prepared some tools which is very heavy. I had very tired when I finished outdoor shooting. I really like Kwun Tong Promendae. I often go to this place to take photos for DD. There is very beautiful and very comfortable place. However, there was too many people here. It is difficult to avoid constantly passing people.

2 comments on “Kwun Tong Promendae

  1. Great night shots! Kwung Tong Promenade was the first place I did a doll photoshoot. It felt such a long time ago since I last been there, or even do an outdoor shot lol ^^;

    • Thank you. My first time night shots and first time outdoor also at the place. This place is very very great, but there already many people to go. 😀 I remember you take photo to your BRS at there. Hope we will outdoor with our DDs together. :3


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