DD – Mikasa Ackerman

DD Mikasa is my first time to use DD to cosplay a character. When I saw the animate – Attack of titan, I really really like it. In the animate, my favorite character is Mikasa Ackerman. So I want to use DD to complete one of my dream. I use DDH-07, and buy a wig to haircut for her. The outfit is my friend to help me to do. I really like the outfit which is very like the animate. Unfortunately, the 3D machine is not a very good, so I take a few pics. I hope I will get more perfect 3D machine for Mikasa.

10 comments on “DD – Mikasa Ackerman

  1. Glad to get to see your Mikasa in person over the weekend! She sure was an eye catcher during the event~ The costume does give a pretty good first look impression! Hope you will get to have the leather jacket fixed and have someone build a bew 3D Manuveur Device~

    • Thanks Q, I’m so surprised many people like Mikasa. 😀
      I hope the outfit and the 3D manuverur Device will be new version, I strongly want to make a perfect one, cos I’m very very love Mikasa. :3
      This time, I think my the top of animate’s character will change to Mikasa. ^_^

  2. 引用通告: 進撃の巨人のうわさ -進撃の巨人はゴミ←論破できない | うわさペディア



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