DD – Kuroneko

Hong Kong Dollism Plus 8 held last Saturday and Sunday. In this event, I saw a lot of friends, they came from different countries, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan, etc. We had a great time in HKDP8. Luckily, I bought a outfit of kuroneko sets, this outfit is very fit and comfortable. It is very very beautiful, I really like it. So I want to looking after my DDs to cosplay kuroneko. This time, I use Akiyama Mio to cosplay kuroneko. Although she is not very similar, she also very beauty.

2 comments on “DD – Kuroneko

  1. Nice purchase on the Kuroneko outfit. It looks much better than I thought, and Mio doesn’t look too out of place either as Kuroneko! Which head will you plan to use for Kuroneko in the future?



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