DD custom – Nishizumi Miho

This time, Yui is cosplay Nishizumi Miho who is GIRLS and PANZER’s character. I haven’t finish to watch this animate, I only watch to ep.3. This animate is funny and the school uniform is very nice, so I want to try custom again. Yui’s head is like Miho, so I use Yui to cosplay her. The green color is very cool.

2 comments on “DD custom – Nishizumi Miho

  1. Girls & Panzer is an anime I didn’t watch for the characters, but for the tanks ^^; There really are a lot of characters to remember~ The anime has a lot of WWII references, which is interesting to spot when you notice them.

    You better get her a 1/3 Panzer IV to command as well! XD

    • This animate is not bad, but as you say, it is many many characters…..I also can’t remember those characters. There was many Panzer, I think you will interest to see this animated. 😀
      1/3 Panzer…I think the size will be very very big…>_<



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