Robot魂 Banshee (destroy mode) No.158 バンシー ガンダム

When I bought Robot魂 Unicorn gundam, I was very surprise, the design is very cool, both things were perfect. So I also bought Banshee, Banshee is similar than Unicorn but the color is different. I love Banshee’s color and the XC parts, it’s very cool. This figure is new vision, so it can combine with AGP full armor parts.



Robot魂 Unicorn (destroy mode) No.159 with FA parts ユニコーン ガンダム

AGP Unicorn full armor parts are very cool, those parts not only can combine AGP MS girl Unicorn, but also it can combine Robot魂 Unicorn destroy mode which is Robot魂 new vision (No. 159). This FA parts are very detail and interactive. Playing FA parts are very interesting, it can combine more and more freedom for you want. 😀



AGP Full Armor Parts (MS Girl Unicorn version) MS少女 ユニコーンガンダム フルアーマーパーツセット

Finally, I got the full armor parts to AGP MS girl unicorn. This FA parts also like Robot魂 Unicorn with Full armor parts. This Unicorn FA parts are destroy mode version, some weapons are similar to Robot魂 version, but it has some new parts and the parts are more detail than Robot魂 vision.