Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all my friends. ^_^
In 2013, I try custom many character and I was very love my Mikasa’s custom. In the new year, many things will become very busy, family and work..etc. I hope I can have free time to take photos to my DDs because it is my favorites hobby. I always publish my random DD photos on flickr first. If you interesting my DDs, you can also visit my flickr. 😀

I’m very happy that I got DDH-06 and DDH-07 last year. I am very love this DDH-06 and her head is re-make-up.


DDH-06 Random Shoot

When DDH-06 came to my home, I am very very love her because she is very lovely and cute and the face make-up also very beautiful. I always take photos to her but I haven’t give her name, I think a long time, but I’m no idea. DDH-06 is very stylish, she wearing casual wear or different uniform also very great.