Nendoroid – Kobato Hasegawa

Nendoroid – Kobato Hasegawa, she is very lovely and cute. In the animation, she is also very attractive to everyone and she often quarrel with Maria but the scene is very interesting and funny. She have beautiful golden hair and blue eyes. Because her favorite animate characters relationship, so she put on a red contact lenses on her left eye.


Nendoroid Hatsune Miku (Ver. 2.0)

Finally, I bought Nendoroid Hatsune Miku (ver. 2.0). The new version and the old version are completely different, the new vision is a completely new product. The three different face is also lovely and cute. The number of this nendoroid is #300 which is using new packaging. This new vision use 3DS Hatsune Miku game’s MV to design, it is very beautiful.



ねんどろいど – Yamada Aoi

Finally I bought Nendoroid Yamada Aoi. This is what I very want to buy Nendoroid. But the price is more expensive so I did not buy before. This Nendoroid very cute, there are three different faces, different accessories and hand appeared on the scene on the ceiling. I did not see this animate, so the characters who I does not know so much. Nendoroid Yamada who I feel like Akiyama Mio and Kuroneko, so I am deep impression on her. Three of the face is also very cute.



Nendoroid randam shoots


Nendoroid is a very interesting and funny series, most of the different parts can be shared, so it will make each character whoes will be a lot of surprises facial expressions. My first one is Nakano Azusa. She is really very interesting and lovely. Than, I have been deeply attracted to this series. Incompatible with the scenes and facial expressions. They can play a lot of creativity and they can make me more happy and relax, because this series of products is too cute.