Beach Queen

I’m long time no take photos to Mashiro. The weather have begun to heat up in Hong Kong, it already to summer. So I take some photos about summer style, Mashiro wear swimsuit which make her more and more sexy and beautiful. I really like Mashiro using blue eyes, gold or brown hair, those make her more cute.


Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all my friends. ^_^
In 2013, I try custom many character and I was very love my Mikasa’s custom. In the new year, many things will become very busy, family and work..etc. I hope I can have free time to take photos to my DDs because it is my favorites hobby. I always publish my random DD photos on flickr first. If you interesting my DDs, you can also visit my flickr. 😀

I’m very happy that I got DDH-06 and DDH-07 last year. I am very love this DDH-06 and her head is re-make-up.


DD custom – Charlotte Dunois

Infinite Stratos 2 is coming out, I am very love this animate, every character are very cute. In this animate, I very love Cecilia and Charlotte. Lucky, my friend made IS Charlotte’s uniform, it is very very wonderful. I am very love it. This time I use Mashiro to wear Charlotte’s uniform, Mashiro wear this uniform also very lovely.



School girl

This is Mashiro new style – School girl. Mashiro wearing uniform is also beautiful and cute. This look is very suitable for her. The wig brought on last month, the color is very special. I always using the camera is Olympus E-PL2 but it is no electricity today, so I change another camera – Canon 450D. I’m a long time no use DSLR to take photo to DDs, so I’m a little accustomed. I prefer convenience, so I like to use EPL-2.


Natural and freedom

I’m glad that many friends like my ​​DD Mikasa Ackerman custom and I can’t believe she would be so popular. Mikasa are many things to improve and I hope that I will make a new version of Mikasa. When I knew many friends like Mikasa, I am very very happy and so surprisn. I am very strongly like Mikasa. This time, I take some randam photos to Mashiro again. The outfit also use AKB’s uniforms again because I’m a bit lazy to change the outfit. >_< But this uniform is really cool.


Kwun Tong Promendae


I am about more than six mouth no outdoor shooting to DD. I want to go at lunch time, but I had some private things to do, so I change to go at night. Taking photos at night is very tricky and I prepared some tools which is very heavy. I had very tired when I finished outdoor shooting. I really like Kwun Tong Promendae. I often go to this place to take photos for DD. There is very beautiful and very comfortable place. However, there was too many people here. It is difficult to avoid constantly passing people.




Mito Mashiro, she is my third DD. She was my very favorite DD. I often taking pictures of her and I often brought her to outdoor shooting. I really like her lovely face. I will also feel very happy when I see her lovely face. Although I began too busy, I also shoot some photos for her when I have time because she is always so lovely in the photo. ^_^


I like to put on casual and natural clothes for DD. I like casual style but gorgeous clothes I also like it. But gorgeous clothes are hard to find it. I do not know how to costume clothes, so sometimes those clothes feel a bit strange. When I had free time, I also look at fashion magazines to increase my understanding of the fashion but I does not seem to increase. >_<


These are some Mahsiro's photographs, I hope you will like it. ^_^