Medicom RAH – Mikasa Ackerman

I’m waiting for RAH Mikasa a very very long time. When Medicom announced Mikasa will be produced 1/6 figure, I was very surprised. It was a good news for me, I am very love Mikasa, this character is very charm.

The figure is very cool, very detail, it is very like animate. The 3D-gear also very cool, it is better than figma’s 3D gear. Also Mikasa have many different parts, such as face, hand, hair. I am very very love this figure. 😀



DD – Mikasa Ackerman (New outfit version)

The topic is Mikasa Ackerman again. This time, Mikasa’s outfit is the new version, this set of clothes from the start to finish is my friend and me to discuss how to make it better and the outfit is my friend to make it. When the outfit was finished, it is really like the animate but there are some changes things. I hope the real new version will make together with the eyes, 3D gear and shoes, and in that moment, my own will be completed. Mikasa is my favorite animate character when I looked Attack on titan, so I very very want to make DD version for mine. Luckly, many friends love my Mikasa, I was very surprised.



DD – Mikasa Ackerman

DD Mikasa is my first time to use DD to cosplay a character. When I saw the animate – Attack of titan, I really really like it. In the animate, my favorite character is Mikasa Ackerman. So I want to use DD to complete one of my dream. I use DDH-07, and buy a wig to haircut for her. The outfit is my friend to help me to do. I really like the outfit which is very like the animate. Unfortunately, the 3D machine is not a very good, so I take a few pics. I hope I will get more perfect 3D machine for Mikasa.