DD custom – Nishizumi Miho

This time, Yui is cosplay Nishizumi Miho who is GIRLS and PANZER’s character. I haven’t finish to watch this animate, I only watch to ep.3. This animate is funny and the school uniform is very nice, so I want to try custom again. Yui’s head is like Miho, so I use Yui to cosplay her. The green color is very cool.


Nendoroid randam shoots


Nendoroid is a very interesting and funny series, most of the different parts can be shared, so it will make each character whoes will be a lot of surprises facial expressions. My first one is Nakano Azusa. She is really very interesting and lovely. Than, I have been deeply attracted to this series. Incompatible with the scenes and facial expressions. They can play a lot of creativity and they can make me more happy and relax, because this series of products is too cute.



I am try my best to learn how to use wordpress. I created wordpress account about 2 years, but I still so lazy to learn because my English is very not good enough. Many friends told me change to wordpress, I will try my best to learn and setting.

I love dollfie dream, nendoroid, gundam…etc. Today, I post some nendoroid photos to yours. Hope you will like it. K-on is my favorites animate. If I saw their figures, I will very very happy. ^^