Mikasa and Asuna outdoor shooting

Today, Yui and me going to take photos to our DDs. I have long time not to take photo on sunny day, but my photos are not good this time, I should be practice more. Today, Yui bring Asuna and I bring Mikasa. The theme like Attack on titan X Sword art online. Asuna is really really beautiful. I’m really tried today because I’m long time no take outdoor photos. I hope there will be more time to take outdoor photos with my friends next time.

Yui’s Asuna

Photo together

2 comments on “Mikasa and Asuna outdoor shooting

  1. How nice to see your Mikasa and Yui’s Asuna on an outdoor shoot! They even had a brief duel to test theiir sword skills as well~ XD

    The summer has been very hot. I would probably melt if I were to stay out for too long -_-;

    • That day is very very hot, we take photos about 2 hours and we were very very tired. Lucky, Yui had a free time, so we can outdoor shooting together. 😀 I’m very long time no outdoor shooting with him. :3



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