Mikasa with 3D gear

Special thanks to Leon, this 3D gear is made by him. Many thanks to him to sell this 3D gear for me. This 3D gear is very perfect, I very love it, very cool and detail.





After HKDP9, I should not have time to take photos to my DDs. Last Sunday, Mashiro and me stayed at home, just two of us, that’s so great. 😀 I can take photos to Mashiro. When I wanted to take photos to her, she took her camera to take photos to her. This moment, Mashiro was very very lovely and cute.



Beach Queen

I’m long time no take photos to Mashiro. The weather have begun to heat up in Hong Kong, it already to summer. So I take some photos about summer style, Mashiro wear swimsuit which make her more and more sexy and beautiful. I really like Mashiro using blue eyes, gold or brown hair, those make her more cute.


金剛 艦これ

Recently, many of my friends also like 艦これ. Although I did not play 艦これ, I really like 金剛 and 榛名. I feel their charactor’s design which are very special. So, I tried to custom 金剛, but I did not find the right wig, 金剛’s wig is more complex. If I try to costom 榛名, it will be more easier than 金剛.



Kurumi Tokisaki

Kurumi’s weapons had arrived and pre-ordering in my friend shop. This weapons are very very great and very detail. Although this sliver color’s printing is not very good, both design is great. This pics are using new wig for Kurumi, I love this wig’s design, it is 3 parts to combine the wig.



Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all my friends. ^_^
In 2013, I try custom many character and I was very love my Mikasa’s custom. In the new year, many things will become very busy, family and work..etc. I hope I can have free time to take photos to my DDs because it is my favorites hobby. I always publish my random DD photos on flickr first. If you interesting my DDs, you can also visit my flickr. 😀

I’m very happy that I got DDH-06 and DDH-07 last year. I am very love this DDH-06 and her head is re-make-up.


DD custom – Charlotte Dunois

Infinite Stratos 2 is coming out, I am very love this animate, every character are very cute. In this animate, I very love Cecilia and Charlotte. Lucky, my friend made IS Charlotte’s uniform, it is very very wonderful. I am very love it. This time I use Mashiro to wear Charlotte’s uniform, Mashiro wear this uniform also very lovely.



DDH-06 Random Shoot

When DDH-06 came to my home, I am very very love her because she is very lovely and cute and the face make-up also very beautiful. I always take photos to her but I haven’t give her name, I think a long time, but I’m no idea. DDH-06 is very stylish, she wearing casual wear or different uniform also very great.


DD custom – Senjougahara Hitagi

I love to use DDH-07 to cosplay different character because this head have many potential to cosplay different character. My DDH-07 had cosplay to Mikasa Ackerman and Kurumi Tokisaki, and this time, I use DDH-07 to cosplay Senjougahara Hitagi. This school uniform is also my friend to make it, it is very perfect, I love this outfit very much. I’m very love school uniform and casual style.


DD custom – Nishizumi Miho

This time, Yui is cosplay Nishizumi Miho who is GIRLS and PANZER’s character. I haven’t finish to watch this animate, I only watch to ep.3. This animate is funny and the school uniform is very nice, so I want to try custom again. Yui’s head is like Miho, so I use Yui to cosplay her. The green color is very cool.


DD custom – Tokisaki Kurumi

This is my new custom, DD – Tokisaki Kurumi. Kurumi is also my favorite character in Date.A.Live. Her eyes are very very beautiful, right is red and left is yellow, the yellow eye has a clock inside, It is very beautiful. This outfit is my friend to make it. It will pre-order in taobao soon. If you love this outfit, you can note this website : http://wawadexiaowo.taobao.com.



Hong Kong Inspiration Lake Recreation Centre

Today, My friend, Ateen, Piyoko and me are go to Hong Kong Inspiration Lake Recreation Centre which in near by Hong Kong Disneyland. The place is very beautiful, and many lovers likes to take wedding photo in there. The weather is very hot, sunny day. I bring Mashiro to go there, she wears wedding dress, is she beautiful? 😀


School girl

This is Mashiro new style – School girl. Mashiro wearing uniform is also beautiful and cute. This look is very suitable for her. The wig brought on last month, the color is very special. I always using the camera is Olympus E-PL2 but it is no electricity today, so I change another camera – Canon 450D. I’m a long time no use DSLR to take photo to DDs, so I’m a little accustomed. I prefer convenience, so I like to use EPL-2.


DD – Mikasa Ackerman (New outfit version)

The topic is Mikasa Ackerman again. This time, Mikasa’s outfit is the new version, this set of clothes from the start to finish is my friend and me to discuss how to make it better and the outfit is my friend to make it. When the outfit was finished, it is really like the animate but there are some changes things. I hope the real new version will make together with the eyes, 3D gear and shoes, and in that moment, my own will be completed. Mikasa is my favorite animate character when I looked Attack on titan, so I very very want to make DD version for mine. Luckly, many friends love my Mikasa, I was very surprised.