MG Jesta

I am rarely to build gundam because my technology is not good, so I was rarely to buy gundam model. I like to build gundam when I was a child. Sometimes, I still want to buy gunpla and try my best to build-up. I never to print color to gunpla because I haven’t each skills to process.


When I bought MG Jesta, I want to try print color for it. I bought a few cans of spray to try. The effect is really good. That is a big satisfaction when I finished Jesta.

但最近買了MG Jesta後,因為很喜歡Jesta的外型,所以想嘗試一次自己上色,買了幾罐噴油便試試了,出來的效果真的很好,我還未試過完成後有這樣大的滿足感。

2 comments on “MG Jesta

  1. I knew you would like Jesta~ Very cool looking and “spec ops" like~ ^^

    Nice take on at the spray painting. Must be quite an experience having to do so much spraying for one model!

    • Thanks you suggest me to buy Jesta, it is very cool gundam, I love it so much. ^_^
      This is my first time to try how to spray painting, it is very tricky for me, but I am very happy when I finished. Next time, I want to build up RX-78-2 ver. 3. 😀


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